IPL 6 Live Streaming – Watch IPL 2013 Live Online for Free

April 4, 2013

Indian Premier League (IPL) is a professional League for Twenty20 Cricket. The 2013 season of Indian Premier League (IPL) is the Sixth Season of IPL and known as IPL 2013 or IPL 6 which is sponsored by Pepsico. IPL is the first sporting Event ever to be broadcast live on Youtube since 2010. IPL 2013 is started from 3rd April 2013 and continue till 26th May 2013.

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IPL 6 Live Streaming is available officially on IPLT20 website with Youtube, BoxTv, Indiatimes and WillowTV web sites. These are officially partner  for IPL Live Streaming. To watch IPL 2013 live online just open these websites and enjoy the live streaming of IPL 6. The nexGTv and BoxTV are mobile partner for Live streaming of IPL 2013 for Mobile and Tablets.

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IPL 6 Live Streaming

1. IPLT20: You can watch the live streaming of IPL 2013 on the official website of IPL.
2. Youtube: Youtube live streaminf for IPL 2013 is run by IndiaTimes. It is easy to watch as page load time is less with less no of ads.
3. IndiaTimes :Indiatimes id the official straming partner of IPL 2013. So it is one of the best way to watch IPL 6 online.
4. BoxTV: BoxTv is also providing the live streaming of IPl 2013 which is control by IndiaTimes, Official Streaming partner of IPL 2013.
5. WillowTv: WillowTv is available only for US to watch IPl 2013 online and it is not free. You need to pay (To become a subscriber for WillowTV)to watch IPL 6 online on WillowTV.

IPL 6 Live Streaming on Mobile and Tablets

1. nexGtv: The nexGtv has tied up with Indiatimes as its mobile partner for live streaming of IPL matches on mobile phones and tablets. The nexGtv mobile aplication is available for iOS, BlackBerry, Android and Symbian Mobile phones. Just download the application to your Mobile or tablet and watch IPL online.
2. BoxTv: BoxTv will also provide the live streaming of IPl 2013 on the Mobile phones and Tablets via its application. It is available for iOS, BlackBerry and Android Operating System. Just download the application to your Mobile or tablet and watch IPL online. You need to first become a subscriber of BoxTv to watch IPl online on BoxTv application.

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